Utah mom reflects on radioactive iodine cancer treatment, which has stood test of time

A bottle of multiple doses of radioactive iodine with a pill containing one dose. Radioactive iodine is used to treat thyroid cancers and diseases.

Utah mother displays on radioactive iodine most cancers therapy, which has stood take a look at of time

A multi-dose bottle of radioactive iodine with a capsule containing one dose. Radioactive iodine is used to deal with cancers and thyroid illness. (Utah Well being College)

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SALT LAKE CITY — Shirley Crepeaux was a bit of hesitant when docs advised radioactive iodine as a therapy for her thyroid most cancers about 12 years in the past. She trusted her docs on the Huntsman Most cancers Institute, however she was nonetheless terrified and scared.

“If I’ve to go away a 12-year-old alone and my widowed husband or drink poison, I’ll drink poison,” she stated.

Crépeaux, now 54, is a mom of 4 youngsters. When she was recognized with most cancers, her youngest was 12 years outdated.

“We tried to make the most cancers analysis as large a non-event as doable,” she stated.

The radioactive iodine therapy, nevertheless, was undoubtedly an occasion.

She was given a small vial to drink whereas alone in a selected room and acquired quite a few warnings over a loudspeaker system telling her to not knock it over or drop it. She stated it tasted salty.

After ingesting it, she was informed to steer clear of pregnant ladies and kids for every week. She spent every week in her room. Crepeaux stated it was “fairly depressing”, however her husband did what he may to assist her keep in contact with the household, together with video calls on the breakfast desk and indicators at by the window.

“Within the grand scheme of issues, it was every week of my life after which I used to be again to being myself,” she stated.

The way it works

Thyroid most cancers is likely one of the most typical cancers and one of many best to deal with, partially due to radioactive iodine.

Dr Dev Abraham of the Huntsman Most cancers Institute stated radioactive iodine was first used within the Thirties and Nineteen Forties, across the similar time chemotherapy was being developed, and the therapy grew to become in style within the Nineteen Sixties. It treats thyroid cancers and problems and Graves’ illness, which causes the thyroid to overproduce hormones.

“He is stood the take a look at of time,” Abraham stated.

What has modified all through its use is the dosage, Abraham stated there have been extra stories lately displaying a small however statistically important improve displaying that an excessive amount of radioactive iodine can result in a better danger of different cancers, resulting in a discount in dosages within the final 5 to 10 years.

Radioactive iodine is used to treat cancers and thyroid disorders.  As it is a radioactive substance, many precautions are taken to reduce exposure.
Radioactive iodine is used to deal with cancers and thyroid problems. As it’s a radioactive substance, many precautions are taken to cut back publicity. (Picture: College of Utah Well being)

Radioactive iodine is given in a capsule or drink, and Abraham stated it is a distinctive focused therapy. Thyroid tissue, together with tissue from thyroid most cancers that has unfold all through the physique, might be destroyed by the therapy as soon as it enters the cell. Different cells that come into contact with radioactive iodine within the blood won’t be affected.

“It’s a therapy that’s particularly decided by the flexibility of the tissue to soak up, uptake or scavenge iodine. Thus, iodine scavenging tissues are notably inclined to being killed by this low degree radioactivity,” stated Abraham.

Earlier than taking a dose of radioactive iodine, docs like Abraham will assist a affected person starve their thyroid and cancerous tissues of iodine by avoiding sure meals to make these cells really feel hungry and soak up extra radioactive iodine.

Most frequently the therapy is used after a big a part of the most cancers has been surgically eliminated to deal with remnants of thyroid tissue which will include most cancers cells or most cancers cells which have unfold, which is extra widespread in cancers thyroid than in lots of different cancers.

He stated that in lots of cancers, unfold to different areas ends in a worse prognosis. However with radioactive iodine, the unfold of thyroid most cancers would not essentially imply a worse prognosis.

Long run results

Abraham stated that though one loss of life is just too many, not many sufferers die from thyroid most cancers. The American Most cancers Society estimates that there have been about 43,800 new instances of thyroid most cancers in 2022 and about 2,230 deaths.

The principle purpose of radioactive iodine is to cut back the frequency of recurrence of thyroid most cancers, he stated.

Crepeaux continues to have appointments with Abraham yearly, he stated he has taken care of her for years and it appears to be like like she is going to proceed to do very properly and that the therapy on the radioactive iodine was efficient.

Crepeaux is likely one of the few thyroid most cancers sufferers to have residual illness, small quantities of most cancers that do not develop. Abraham stated these had been most likely dying thyroid most cancers cells, and in most sufferers the remaining however not progressing most cancers cells had been as efficient as a remedy.

Because of the radioactive iodine therapy, Crepeaux always struggles with a dry nostril, throat and eyes. She stated she all the time had her water bottle together with her and used merchandise to assist add moisture.

Abraham stated that is one of many causes therapy must be tailor-made to the affected person, utilizing the smallest efficient dose. He stated two doses are generally utilized in extreme instances, however hardly ever three.

If the most cancers got here again and Crepeaux determined to have a second dose of radioactive iodine, she stated it could cease her from crying, spitting up or saliva – much more discomfort.


Crepeaux was a hairdresser for 30 years, however now she’s in class to change into a medical assistant.

“It is one thing that occurred to me. It is not who I’m. I am Shirley and I will all the time be Shirley. Somewhat salty. Somewhat steamy. … I am not kidding anybody. What if I t love , I like you with all the things…I will not let most cancers or anything change that or outline me,” she stated.

She stated it was because of her GP that she received screened for thyroid most cancers. If she hadn’t, she may have died inside just a few years. When it was discovered it was between phases three and 4 and had already unfold to his lungs. Her solely symptom to date was shoulder ache and issue swallowing.

Now, Crepeaux encourages everybody to verify for thyroid lumps by doing self-checks, or ask their physician for a check-up throughout an annual bodily.

Crepeaux was informed after her operation that she would have a really whispery and raspy voice, however remedy and her robust voice helped save her voice – though she stated it now takes much more effort to supply an audible voice.

“Happily, I used to be a kind of individuals with an especially loud voice earlier than the operation, so now I simply have a standard voice,” she stated.

His chortle, nevertheless, remains to be the identical loud chortle, fun that makes the others within the room chortle much more.

General, Crepeaux shared a message that there’s hope and inspired others going by related conditions to be grateful and concentrate on the little issues that convey them happiness.

“Most individuals with most cancers dwell with it, they do not die with it,” she stated.

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